January 2014 Notifiable Fatalities Monthly Report now available

There were 11 work-related notifiable fatalities during January 2014 — 10 male workers and 1 female worker. For further details see the Notified Fatalities Monthly Report January 2014.

The monthly notifiable fatality report provides a national summary of work-related traumatic fatalities that were notifiable to Australian work health and safety jurisdictions. Besides providing an estimate of the number of work-related deaths, the report also includes details of the types of incident involved; the industry of the workplace at which the fatalities occurred; and the industry of the decedent’s employer. The December 2013 report has been retained to show the figures over previous months.

Readers should note that from January 2012 onwards, reporting is based on Calendar year and, by agreement with jurisdictions, the reporting of incidents on public roads will be more comprehensive. Consequently, comparison with 2011 reports should be made with caution.

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