Good work design principles in action

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently implemented a flexible work environment in their Adelaide office, applying the principles of good work design throughout the project.

The ABS built an activity-based work environment comprising general-use workstations, meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, zoned work areas, and personal lockers. Using laptops and docking stations, staff can now opt to telework or select an in-office a work area to suit their daily work requirements.

Dr Howard Morris from Safe Work Australia said that good work design principles were successfully applied in this project.

“Engaging decision makers and leaders, actively involving workers and empowering those affected by the changes, and learning from experts and experience to work out solutions are fundamental aspects of good work design,” Dr Morris said.

“Application of these principles was critical to the success of the project and the ABS is now applying the lessons learned to flexible work environment rollouts in other ABS offices across Australia.”

Read the case study in detail to find out more, and download Safe Work Australia’s Principles of Good Work Design handbook to apply good work design strategies to your own projects and workplaces.

This case study is the result of a collaboration between Safe Work Australia, Comcare, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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