Frequently Asked Questions - Model Work Health and Safety Code of Practice Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying - Public comment

Where do I send my submission?

You should send your submission (including the cover sheet) to If you are unable to email your submission, you can post it to:

Safe Work Australia
Public Comment Submissions
GPO Box 641
Canberra ACT 2601

I can’t save changes to the cover sheet?

If you are using the PDF version of the cover sheet, you will need to print this out once you have filled it in. If you are using the word version of the cover sheet, you can fill out this form online and save it prior to attaching it with your submission.

I can’t open the cover sheet or response form?

If you are unable to open the cover sheet or response form from the website, please contact us on 1300 551 832 or email and we can email you a copy.

Do I need to fill in the cover sheet?

Yes. The cover sheet advises Safe Work Australia of your approval to publish your submission on our website.

Without a cover sheet, Safe Work Australia will not publish your submission on the website. However, this will not prevent Safe Work Australia from accepting and considering your submission.

Do I need to use the response form?

It is preferred that the response form is used.

How much detail should be included in my response?

There is no limit on the length of a submission. Safe Work Australia welcomes all feedback and comments that will assist in ensuring health and safety in the workplace.

Has my submission been received?

When Safe Work Australia receives your submission you will be sent an automatic response confirming receipt. If you haven’t received this response please check the email address you sent it to was

I wanted my submission to be published but I can’t see it on the website. How long will it take to get published?

Safe Work Australia will publish submissions as soon as possible after receiving them. If we receive a large number of submissions there may be a slight delay. If you are concerned it has not been received or it may have been listed as being in confidence in error please contact us on 1300 551 832 so we can make sure it is published as soon as possible.

What happens after the public comment period ends?

After the public comment period ends Safe Work Australia will carefully consider all the comments we receive and use them to identify areas where the code can be improved. The aim of the public comment period is to utilise the wide range of expertise and experience in the community to ensure the codes are of the highest possible standard.

Will I get a response if I put in a submission?

When a submission is received by Safe Work Australia an automatic response will be sent to confirm receipt. We do not send individual responses to submissions.

Where would I find a submission I made a submission during the previous public comment period on the model WHS Act, Regulations or Codes of Practice?

The Public Comment Page of Safe Work Australia’s website.

My question isn’t answered here where should I go?

For any further questions regarding the public comment period please contact or on 1300 551 832.

I have other questions where should I go?

For questions on other topics please see the contact page of our website.


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