Model work health and safety Act


Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act

The Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act forms the basis of the WHS Acts being enacted across Australia to harmonise work health and safety law. For the Act to be legally binding it needs to be enacted or passed by Parliament in each jurisdiction. Information on each jurisdiction’s progress in implementing the new laws can be found here.

The model WHS Act is the result of a comprehensive national review into work health and safety laws across Australia. This review involved substantial public consultation.

The first draft of the model WHS Act was based on the decisions of the Workplace Relations Ministers' Council (WRMC) in relation to the national review findings. The first draft was released for public comment for six weeks in September 2009. The 480 submissions received during this period informed many of the amendments to the first draft.

The WRMC endorsed the model WHS Act in December 2009, allowing Safe Work Australia to make further technical and drafting amendments to ensure its workability.

The model WHS Act was finalised in June 2011.

Guide to the Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act

The Guide to the Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act provides an overview of the model WHS Act. It is designed as a general guide to help people understand their health and safety duties and rights at work. This document is not intended to replace the model WHS Act.

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