Working safely with chemicals

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About this seminar

Chemicals are present in most workplaces and this video explains the importance of controlling chemical hazards, irrespective of the type of the chemicals or their toxicity.

This video explains the need to be familiar with the type of chemicals you are handling and describes some sources of information about them, like workplace labels and safety data sheets.

It also offers advice and practical tips on eliminating or minimising exposure to hazardous chemicals in a range of settings and across different industry types – including the hair and beauty industry, the hazardous waste industry, and the fire emergency services industry.

Who is this presentation for?

The simple, clear guidance in this video will be useful for any businesses owner, manager or worker in any location where chemicals may be present.

Health and safety professionals and professional associations will find it a useful resource to assist them in providing guidance to clients.

Health and Safety Representatives will find good tips to assist them in assessing hazards and controls in their workplace.

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About the presenter

Professor Dino Pisaniello is Professor of Public Health and the University of Adelaide.

Other speakers are Desa Fuller from the hair and beauty industry, Colin Lindsay from the South Australian  Metropolitan Fire Service and Mick Buttner from Veolia.

About the Virtual Seminar Series

The Australian Strategy Virtual Seminar Series is a free online event run throughout National Safe Work Month in October.

The seminars showcase the latest work health and safety thinking, developments, innovations and research that support the Australian Strategy vision of healthy safe and productive working lives.

Throughout October, we feature live broadcasts, online Q&A, video presentations, infographics, research and data, presented by Safe Work Australia Members, business leaders, academics and work health and safety experts.

Drawn from the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022, the themes for the 2015 Virtual Seminar Series are good work design and safety throughout supply chains and will focus on the construction and manufacturing industries.

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