Heads Up: The business case for creating a mentally healthy workplace

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This brief video provides some compelling evidence to demonstrate that creating a mentally healthy workplace is good for business.

Providing a mentally healthy workplace not only protects workers from psychological harm but positively enhances their mental health. There is evidence it can also increase productivity and peak performance in individuals, teams and organisations.

Who is this presentation for?

This presentation is for business managers, supervisors, health and safety and mental health professionals, and workers.

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About the presenter

The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance partnered with beyondblue to roll out the national Heads Up campaign. Heads Up encourages everyone in the workplace to play their part in creating a mentally healthy working environment, take care of their own mental health, and look out for their colleagues.

Heads Up provides a range of simple, practical and achievable resource material, tools and support services for all businesses large and small across all sectors.

Visit the Heads Up website to find a range of information, resources, tools and support to create a more mentally healthy workplace.

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