Infographic: Agriculture fatality and injury data


The agriculture industry is one of seven industry groups identified as a national priority in the Australia Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-22.

Work health and safety in the agriculture industry presents unique challenges. While other industries share similar hazards, such as plant, chemicals, noise, dust, sun exposure and working with animals, the combination of hazards including remote and isolated work, makes this industry one of the most dangerous in which to work.

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Agriculture fatality and injury data 

Data from the infograph

43 workers killed each year in the agriculture industry

Incident Percentage
Worker deaths involved a vehicle 74%
Workers killed in a single vehicle incident 65%
Workers killed while mustering 7%
Fatalities occurred on a farm 85%

3400 workers injured in the agriculture industry

Incident Percentage
Injuries occurred while driving a vehicle 7%
Injuries occurred as a result of a fall from height 11%
Injuries occurred  as a result of muscular stress while handling objects 12%
Injuries occurred  due to being hit by an animal 9%

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