Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022


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The Australian Strategy vision

“Healthy, safe and productive working lives”

The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022 (Australian Strategy) is a framework to help improve work health and safety in Australia. Its vision is healthy, safe and productive working lives. It promotes collaboration between the Commonwealth, state and territory governments, industry, unions and other organisations to reach the vision.

The Australian Strategy was formally endorsed by workplace relations ministers, the ACTU, ACCI and Ai Group and was launched by the Commonwealth Minister in October 2012.


The Australian Strategy includes:

  • Purpose and Principles – what the Australian Strategy is for
  • Vision – what could be achieved by collective and sustained efforts in all the Action Areas
  • Outcomes for 2022 – guide activities under the Action Areas
  • Targets and performance indicators – what is intended to be achieved by 2022 and how these will be measured over the life of the Australian Strategy
  • Action Areas with strategic outcomes – these focus on areas where activities are most likely to collectively achieve the vision
  • Priority Industries and Disorders – identified for national action because of the high numbers and rates of workers affected or the inherent hazardous nature of these industries
  • Implementation and Reporting – describes who will implement the Australian Strategy, and how we will share information about what is happening under the Australian Strategy, and
  • Australian Strategy Infographic – shows the relationship between the vision, the outcomes and the action areas.


Work health and safety regulators, industry bodies, unions and other major national bodies such as educational and professional associations are working to implement the Australian Strategy and help reach its targets.

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Background and development

The Australian Strategy follows the National Occupational Health and Safety Strategy 2002-2012 (National OHS Strategy).

Supporting work health and safety strategies is a key function of Safe Work Australia.

In 2011, Safe Work Australia consulted with work health and safety experts, and the wider community, about what is needed to improve work health and safety. This then informed a draft Australian Strategy which was released for public comment on 26 March 2011 for eight weeks.

After the comments were considered, Safe Work Australia Members agreed to the final version in June 2012.

The Australian Strategy was formally endorsed by all workplace relations ministers, the ACTU, ACCI and Ai Group and launched in October 2012.

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