Who we work with

Safe Work Australia works with government and non-government organisations to achieve the best possible approach to work health and safety for all Australian workers and workplaces.

The ‘who we work with’ section provides general information about Safe Work Australia’s work with these organisations.

The contact details of work health and safety regulators are available in this section to assist with work health and safety and workers’ compensation regulatory enquiries.

Work health and safety regulators

Safe Work Australia is an independent Australian Government Statutory body developing national policy on work health and safety and workers’ compensation. Safe Work Australia does not have responsibility for regulating work health and safety laws. Find out more about Safe Work Australia’s role and functions.

It is the responsibility of the Commonwealth, states and territories to regulate and enforce work health and safety in their jurisdiction.

Please contact your local work health and safety regulator for information and advice on:

  • Complying with work health and safety laws.
  • Reporting a workplace incident.
  • Renewing or applying for licences.
  • Injury and workers’ compensation claims.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance and premiums.
  • Registration and notification of plant and plant designs.
  • Health and safety representative training.
  • Work health and safety training and assessment.

View the list of Commonwealth, national, state and territory contacts responsible for regulating work health and safety

National collaboration

Safe Work Australia also works closely with a large number of government and non-government organisations across Australia on specific policy issues relating to work health and safety and workers’ compensation.

International collaboration

Safe Work Australia participates in a range of international activities and works closely with international organisations to improve national and international outcomes in work health and safety.

View the international collaboration pages for more information about Safe Work Australia’s involvement in international activities.

The National Workers' Memorial

The National Workers Memorial will honour and pay tribute to those working Australians who have lost their lives through work-related incidents, injury and illness. Located in Kings Park, on the northern shores of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, the National Workers Memorial is scheduled to be completed in time for International Workers' Memorial Day, 28 April 2013.

For more information visit the National Workers Memorial website

Australian Forum of Explosive Regulators

The Australian Forum of Explosive Regulators (AFER) is a government cooperative forum reporting to the Select Council on Workplace Relations (SCWR). AFER’s key function is to develop of nationally consistent explosives legislation regulation including harmonisation through Safe Work Australia.

Safe Work Australia provides the secretariat function for AFER.

More information can be found on the Australian Forum of Explosive Regulators page.

Australian Mesothelioma Registry (AMR)

The AMR is a standalone database which contains information about people with mesothelioma. The database is managed by the Cancer Institute of NSW in collaboration with the Monash Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health. Safe Work Australia along with Comcare provides funding for the AMR.

View more information about AMR

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