Work productivity loss in young workers


This report estimates work productivity loss due to musculoskeletal pain in 23-year-old workers in Western Australia based on findings from the longitudinal Raine Study.

The report ascertains the prevalence of diagnosed back and neck pain among young workers, provides estimates of work productivity loss among young workers and examines the impact of musculoskeletal pain specifically on work productivity. Productivity measures used in this report are absenteeism due to health reasons, absenteeism due to any other reason, and presenteeism. The report also assesses the prevalence of psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety, among young people.

This research report has been written to inform the development of work health and safety policies. The views and conclusions expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of Safe Work Australia Members.


Policy makers and officers in work health and safety and allied areas, industry and employer groups, work health and safety academics, business owners and operators, and workers.

Related materials

The Research Brief – Work productivity in young workers provides a summary of key findings from the study.

Publication Information

Topic: Musculoskeletal disorders
Type: Research reports
Industry: General
Publication Date: 15/07/2015

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