Model Work Health and Safety Regulations

The model WHS Regulations were developed under the Intergovernmental Agreement for Regulatory and Operational Reform in OHS.

The model WHS Regulations were finalised in November 2011.

The model WHS Regulations are model provisions only. To be legally binding they need to be enacted or passed by Parliament in each jurisdiction.

Updated model WHS Regulations

The revised version dated 9 January 2014 incorporates technical amendments made to correct inadvertent errors, clarify policy intent and address workability issues.

Summary of technical amendments

This list summarises key technical amendments to the model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations. These amendments apply mainly to high risk work, diving work, plant, asbestos and major hazard facilities.

The following amendments included in the 9 January 2014 version involved policy changes and were agreed by Workplace Relations Ministers on 11 April 2014:

  • competency requirements for ‘general diving work’ (old regulation 171(a)(ii))
  • protective structures on earthmoving machinery (regulation 217), and
  • design verifier requirements (regulation 252)

Note: These amendments do not automatically apply. Each participating jurisdiction makes the amendments through their own law-making processes and the timeframes for this will vary. Check details about implementation with your local WHS regulator.

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Publication Information

Topic: Legislation
Type: Regulations
Industry: General
Publication Date: 9/01/2014

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