Workplace traffic management guidance material

The General guide for workplace traffic management provides information for persons conducting a business or undertaking on how to manage traffic risks at a workplace.

This Guide is supported by specific traffic management guides for:

  • Shopping centres
  • Construction workplaces
  • Warehouses, and
  • Events.

The four specific guides were previously published in July 2013. The guides have been updated. An amendments table advising the changes that were made along with the previous document versions is available here. A Traffic Hazards Checklist and Traffic Control Measures Checklist are also provided to assist duty holders manage traffic risks.

The Information Sheet: Workplace traffic management provides advice for small businesses and workers on managing traffic risks in the workplace.

The word ‘should’ is used in these documents to indicate a recommended course of action, while ‘may’ is used to indicate an optional course of action.

The words ‘must’, ‘requires’ or ‘mandatory’ indicate that a legal requirement exists in the Work Health and Safety laws and must be complied with.

(These documents were published without all accessibility requirements for electronic documents met. Accessible word and PDF versions that meet all accessibility requirements are now available. These versions replace the previous ‘inaccessible’ versions.)

Publication Information

Topic: Traffic management
Type: Guidance material
Industry: General
Publication Date: 4/07/2014

ISBNTitle / DownloadFile FormatFile Size
zip All Workplace Traffic Management Guidance Materialzip7.53 MB
978-1-74361-692-5docx General guide for workplace traffic managementdocx2.48 MB
978-1-74361-691-8pdf General guide for workplace traffic managementpdf1.04 MB
978-1-74361-675-8docx Traffic control measures checklistdocx727.62 kB
978-1-74361-675-8pdf Traffic Control measures checklistpdf148.56 kB
978-1-74361-675-8docx Traffic hazard checklistdocx724.66 kB
978-1-74361-675-8pdf Traffic hazard checklistpdf144.57 kB
978-1-74361-107-4docx Traffic management: Guide for construction workdocx710.15 kB
978-1-74361-106-7pdf Traffic management: Guide for construction workpdf175.92 kB
978-1-74361-105-0docx Traffic management: Guide for eventsdocx710.64 kB
978-1-74361-104-3pdf Traffic management: Guide for eventspdf185.58 kB
978-1-74361-101-2docx Traffic management: Guide for shopping centresdocx709.75 kB
978-1-74361-100-5pdf Traffic management: Guide for shopping centrespdf177.52 kB
978-1-74361-103-6docx Traffic management: Guide for warehousingdocx710.76 kB
978-1-74361-102-9pdf Traffic management: Guide for warehousingpdf185.99 kB
978-1-74361-677-2docx Workplace traffic management information sheetdocx1.09 MB
978-1-74361-676-5pdf Workplace traffic management information sheetpdf403.29 kB


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